Why Second Look Resume?


The difference is that our consultants have 10+ years of experience, and have actually been through the recruitment process many times as a graduate and as a professional. We know what the recruiters are looking for.

Where other resume writing services offer generic templates and change your resume layout around, doing nothing to improve your content, we will create a resume tailored to you, highlighting your value and most importantly, stands out to the recruiters.

Delivering Service

Service is priority. Whilst other services will charge an additional fee after the first revision, at Second Look Resume, we will go through several revisions with you as required, until you are satisfied with the final result.

The Process in 3 Simple Steps (Professional Resume + Cover Letter)

At Second Look Resume, the process is simple and easy for you.

1. Select your package/product  and place an order

2. Email your existing resume and/or cover letter, and any relevant jobs or types of jobs you're looking for to

3. Your professional resume will arrive within 5 working days*, after further consult back and forth, until you are 100% satisfied with the final product. Please advise if you have an urgent request.

* Subject to the number of revisions required and your response time.