Get your resume and cover letter professionally designed the simple way.

  • Specialist in resumes for graduates and young professionals because we have SUCCESSFULLY been through the process many times as candidates, we know what works.

  • Delivering Service. There is no charge for additional revisions, we work with you until you are happy with your final product.

  • Fast turnaround guaranteed. A professionally finished product delivered to you in less than 5 working days*

  • Simple pricing. We establish a package that’s right for you.

A resume only gets a 30 second glance. Make sure yours gets a Second Look.

* Subject to the number of revisions required and your response time.


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Why Second Look Resume?


The difference is that our consultants have 10+ years of experience, and have actually been through the recruitment process many times as a graduate and as a professional. We know what the recruiters are looking for.

Where other resume writing services offer generic templates and change your resume layout around, doing nothing to improve your content, we will create a resume tailored to you, highlighting your value and most importantly, stands out to the recruiters.

Delivering Service

Service is priority. Whilst other services will charge an additional fee after the first revision, at Second Look Resume, we will go through several revisions with you as required, until you are satisfied with the final result.

The Process in 3 Simple Steps (Professional Resume + Cover Letter)

At Second Look Resume, the process is simple and easy for you.

1. Select your package/product  and place an order

2. Email your existing resume and/or cover letter, and any relevant jobs or types of jobs you're looking for to

3. Your professional resume will arrive within 5 working days*, after further consult back and forth, until you are 100% satisfied with the final product. Please advise if you have an urgent request.

* Subject to the number of revisions required and your response time.


Thank you very much, as always you are very reliable and excellent with work. I think it is perfect. Sorry we just found out about a course that Bala is quite keen to apply, hope you are having a good holiday.

Bobby - Medical (repeat customer)

Hey Quinn, Just wanted to let you know that I was successful in getting into the training program!! I’ll chat to you in five years when I’m applying for consultant jobs haha! Thank you for everything.
Aaron Paul – Medical (repeat customer)

Thank you! I saw it late last night and I am happy with the final product! Thank you for your service, it has given more confidence to apply for positions to commence my career!
Chloe – Sports Management

Hi Quinn,How do you do? I am writing to let you know that I got the job at the _____________ Hospital.Thanking you again
Bobby – Medical

Thank you for your prompt service and the whole process is so much efficient than i expected. I’ll definitely update you in regards to my job hunting and with the CV that i’m having right now, i feel much more confident in this period of competitive job market. Likewise it is been a pleasure working with you and Thank you very much.
David – Administration

This looks so great! I am very happy with the presentation and how you have set everything out. Very clear and easy to read!
Jennifer – Hospitality

My name is Kate, you fixed my CV beautifully back in January. I was wondering if you still had the originals on file, and if so, if you were able to forward me a copy in a .DOC rather than .DOCX format? Having a lot of trouble with the PC at the moment, so I’m back to Word 2003…Thanks for your help, found a public service job which I’m really enjoying!
Kate – Public Service

Hi Quinn, I passed my first stage interviews. Thank you for all your help. Will definitely recommend you to all my friends.
Saba – Sales & Marketing

Thanks once more, i have been offered and accepted the new role!
Vinay – Information Technology

Hi Quinn, around 2 weeks ago I went to Perth and I have applied only for 4 job positions. Already 30 minutes later I’ve got my first call back from the first company. On the next day I’ve got my second offer. So 4 Internet applications and 2 offers. Now I’m working for a climate company. So I suppose your resume was pretty good and a total success.
Stefan – Engineering

I came across Second Look Resume online during a Google search, I contacted them via phone and they were able to meet with me the following day. I was hoping to get my new Resume fast and my expectations were more then exceeded, within 24hrs of my consultation I was emailed a draft copy of my new resume and cover letter and within 2 days I had final copies. I am very, very impressed with the service provided, I think my new Resume represents me in a way that I could not represent myself. Within 1 day of using my new Cover Letter and Resume I had 3 interviews lined up, by weeks end I had a job and had completed my first shift! I know I wouldn’t have got the job had I used my old Resume (I had previously applied for many positions without success). Thanks to Quinn & Second Look Resume, I now have a job.
Cindy – Hospitality

I just had a look at the resume and it looks AMAZING! The cover letter is really assertive, strong and direct and I could never have made it as concise as you did! …Everything else looks perfect! I honestly couldn’t imagine it to be as clear cut as the way you produced it. Thank you sooooo much Quinn and I hope you have a very Happy New Year.
Saniya – Commerce

I was thoroughly impressed with the Second Look Resume service. I was confident that with my new and improved resume and cover letter I would be able to obtain an interview in my field. This is exactly what occurred after immediately using their updated version of my resume and cover letter. I got the interview and more importantly I got the job! I don’t think that would have been the case had I used my previous resume. Thanks Quinn!
Anne – Science & Technology

Thanks Quynh for your help in preparing my resume and cover letter.You have done a great job. Keep going. Thanks once again for your service.
Senthil – Business & Information Technology

She responded to my service request very quickly and the meeting was appropriately done. In addition, the e-mail responses and all my other questions were answered within a reasonable time.The first draft was already quite satisfactory and there were few updates afterwards, she also has updated Resume over the time and it is very good quality. I am very satisfied with it. It looked so good and I thank you for it. Thank you again for the great job.
Mark – Commerce & Information Technology

Thank you so very much for your work. I am very happy with what you have sent me. Really appreciate it.
Vibha – Engineering & Computer Science



Submit your question to Second Look Resume, alternatively send an email directly to, and we will aim to reply within 24 hours. 

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